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Thread: Closest focus distance @ inifinity for 17mm

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    do u mean that if while focusing the subject, u can decide whether to make the background sharper or blurer by calculating the DOF to get the maximum and minimum of focus value?

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    Correct. You can adjust both background and foreground by playing with aperture and the DOF scale on the lens. I understand that some lenses dont have them any more, but your lens should have a button to check DOF before you shoot.

    The length of the lens makes a difference also. The longer the lens ( 300m ) the less depth of focus ( or depth of field ) you will have. a 24mm lens will have a lot more in If you want to shoot someone about 3 meters away, use an 85 mm lens and set focus so that foreground and subject are in focus. Let the background go.

    This in nice when you are doing portraits under or in front of trees. You don't see the trees, just a background of blurry green. A very pleasing effect.

    I don't want to tell youi too much as all that will do is confuse you. Let's get these basics down and get so you understand how/when to use them.

    Have fun

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