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Thread: Mac users: What RAW converter?

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    Default Mac users: What RAW converter?

    Just wondering what RAW converters those on Macs, especially Powerbooks and IBooks, are using.

    I'm find Photoshop CS's Raw Converter much too slow when loading thumbnails and the whole process from start to finish is just slow. I use Breeze Browser on PC, but this software isn't compatable on Mac.

    Also do all of you calibrate your monitors because I have found there to be very stark differences on the pictures displayed on a my LCD as opposed to when viewing on my PC's CRT.

    Please advise.

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    main reason for difference in picture is because the gamma used on both platforms are different.

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    Am a nikon user ... so using nikon view to convert in PC and Mac ...

    For Mac unless I buy the iLife05 else I got to use Nikon View to view the images in RAW format ... iLife04 dun support to view NEF files ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ortega
    main reason for difference in picture is because the gamma used on both platforms are different.
    I've been running Gamma @ 2.2 on my mac platform, which is the same as PC. And the results are still visibly very different.

    Does everyone have to calibrate their LCDs/monitors before they can process photos properly??

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    you could try doing display spanning. so you have all your toolbars, palettes on the mac's screen and the image window on the PC monitor. you should be able to calibrate the PC monitor seperately on your mac while spanning.

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    When I last updated iPhoto I can view RAW images on it now. I'm using a G4 PB running 1GHz OSX Panther, using PS CS doesn't take that long to convert thumbnails unless there is really alot of images.


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