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    I'm 18, looking to invest in mutual funds. Any bros can offer advice, contacts or alternatives? Thanks in advance.

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    Oh, and I'm starting with SGD1000.

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    look into an ETF and see what sectors or story.theme they are invested in

    with your $1,000 (US$800) capital no point putting money into a retail type Mutual Fund (even if they accept your money) because the fees and other charges going to keep your ROI low and Warren Buffet wont accept little amounts like this

    take your time to research the different funds and dont hurry into it ..... in the meantime put your money into some higher yeilding fixed deposit until you know what you want to do with it

    and for God's sake stay away from Foreign Exchange trading and other types of highly leveraged trading if you dont know what you're doing and not properly trained

    best of luck
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    Alright thanks bro, I really appreciate you replying!

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    put in bank, safest, no surcharges, no fees. little growth, but for 1k, very hard to do much. trading is like flying plane, safe if you know what's going on.

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    There is nothing "mutual" about it. If they lose all of your money, they don't volunteer to pay you back half.

    Mutual fund's collapse is a lesson for investors - CBS News

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    Mutual funds are not a good choice as investment. At 18, you should try to build up your investment capital to ~S$10K, on top of 6 months of your living expenses.
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