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Thread: need advice for dc.$700 - $800 range

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    Default need advice for dc.$700 - $800 range

    hi would be glad if someone could give me some advice on a digital camera. I am looking at the $700-#800 range.

    I was looking at a40 and c720. They fit my price range. Maybe there are other cameras that are in this range.

    I realli dunnoe how to choose. Please advice.thanks

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    you could start by thinking what do you what to shoot from the camera, what are your needs? take pictures of friends, web, work related? its earlier for people to access your needs, later.

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    among the 2, the C720UZ offers more controls and more flexibility. go for it if you want something that might last you a bit longer. you would have to deal with a memory (smartmedia) that's losing market share though.

    An alternative is Casio QV2900UX, at the expense of some image quality but cheaper and offers even more controls.
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