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Thread: NDP 2002 from Pebble Bay

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    Default NDP 2002 from Pebble Bay

    Too bad didn't have a longer zoom with me! Taken with my digital camera.

    Didn't know that indoor stadium can look so nice

    Taken by my wife, too bad most of the shots are overexposed, except for these 2 shots! It's my fault, i set the setting, she just help me to snap!

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    hai think i screwed up my firework shots too... the fireworks just came n i prob overexposed my shots... din expect it to be so bright...

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    Hmm, I daresay your shots turned out better than mine! I took mine from probably around the same position as yours, and the exposure didn't turn out too good either. So much for my first 'serious' attempt at photographing fireworks. I really hope to learn more and do better next year....

    Olympus C-2000Z, f/11, 2s, ISO 100, 35mm (approx. equivalent)

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    Originally posted by revenant
    Post the settings too.
    Taken with Lumix LC5
    For indoor stadium and fireworks:
    ISO 100
    Aperture: f8
    Shutter: 2s

    Will try shooting at 1.4s next time


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