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    Quote Originally Posted by silvermoon1407 View Post
    +1 for s95/s100. If you are going to be in auto mode anyway, its quite pointless to get the more expensive interchangeable lens cameras.
    Not exactly true. Even out of the box and only set to auto, a mirrorless will take better auto shots than a p&s because of the bigger sensor and better depth of field (e.g. for things like getting nice background blur). For that matter, a DSLR will take better auto shots than a mirrorless in most cases too. I know some people who just use their DSLR as gigantic expensive P&S

    The consideration is whether you have the budget and don't mind the bulk, because a mirrorless will be bigger than a P&S (unless you go for the cheapest m4/3 pancakes, which will also have the least difference in image quality). If your answer is yes to both, definitely why not go for mirrorless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jy3433 View Post
    Hi treleh

    Tks for the guidance

    I'm more looking at taking pics of sons and surroundings when we have outings
    The new omd is too expensive for me.
    I'll visit the camera shops n try them.

    Tyvm guys
    If you want to take pictures of your kids, then mirrorless is your best choice. With PnS, you always miss those split second moments, a smile, a look, a fall, a jump, a run etc etc etc - how many have you missed when your sons were babies?

    I switched to mirrorless after missing approximately 6,042, 345 of those moments with my PnS! Got a mirrorless, and now my HDD is full of those smiles, those looks, those jumps, those steps etc etc etc...and now I am constructing a photobook using and will present it to my wife for Christmas - so that she's happy at the $1,300 I've already spent on my Nikon J1 and lenses!

    And trust me, it's probably the best $1,300 I've spent!

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    =) I'm Sony Supporter(OH GOD BRAND~CIST!) but i agree with trelch, photokina is about the time let just wait and see... anywhere if for Sony, i'm looking forward for the Mirroless but Full frame mirroless that coming up next year. Nex-5R already releasing which is like combination of 5n & F3, it's good for investing since it also got apps support (hopefully not another guy asking for instagram installed on NEX)

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