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Thread: D800 / E battery life

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazypaladin View Post
    I can easily get 1000 shots per charge. I think your battery could need some conditioning through a few cycles of usage.
    Quick check on "conditioning".
    Is it (a) drain until approx 50% then recharge, or (b) drain until almost flat then recharge?
    So far I recharge after a days use -- approx 60%.
    D800 | N 50/1.8G | N 24-70/2.8G | T 150-600VC | S 35/1.4DG

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    So far for my D800E the battery usage is the about the same as my D300 and D700. D300 and D700 on full charge will last me 800 to 1000 images.
    D800E on full charge will last me 300 images (limited by my CF capacity) with 60-70% left. So if you interpolate, it will be 750 to 1000 images.

    I have image review on. Use live view to focus because I find focusing in the D800/E a bit different.

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    With D3S I am comfortable going out with no spare battery.

    But with D800E, I really must bring one spare along.

    But the nice thing is that it shares the same battery as D7000 and V1.
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    Chanced upon this website:

    D800 6FPS Accessories - Robert OToole Photography

    You can reasonably get close to 1000 shots with the EN-EL15 for the D800/E

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