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    Hello friends!

    A brief background... A friend of mine was in need of cash and decided to sell his prized collection of toys in an effort to raise some cash to fund his own medical procedures / operations. Knowing I was a photographer, he asked for my help in photographing his toys. What started out as a simple shoot for his toys quickly turned into an on the spot fashion shoot.

    Anyway I wanted to share this with you as it actually turned out into a good way for me to further fine tune my skills in lighting as well as bank in my memory some poses that I just may be able to use in the future on real models.

    Hope you like em!


    To begin, these are what the models / toys generally look like

    I decided to do a shoot that would resemble the way the figurines would look in the comic books as they are usually drawn. Post processing was done to mimic that same ink effect. Please ignore the dust and dirt on the figurines hehe

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    With these simple toys I was able to practice a few things like my rembrandt lighting technique, side light, butterfly lighting, short lighting, broad lighting etc. I was also able to practice my over all composition and understanding of the human form. So there, sharing this simple but fun unexpected learning experience I had!

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    Nice shoots, hope can see more your comic..

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    nice series! but shouldnt this be in the Still Life gallery? nice shots though
    Check out my blog:

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    Thanks guys! I actually thought if this should be here, or macro, or still life but at the end of the day, my application and learnings from the experience were in portrait photography and that's why I opted to put it here. Mods, kindly move the thread if you feel it belongs elsewhere


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