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Hi guys, to facilitate the meaning of this list, could those in the list right now pm me their name, email and hp number. Im consolidating the list for easier contacting right now the list stands at:

1. John
2. littledigitalartist
3. Deadpoet
4. schnauzer
5. 300N
6. reachme2003
7. Redieye
8. angalphoto
9. venom81
10. Geoffp
11. zig
12. dzulhjdzaid
13. bigfatfish

Was wondering why the list cum talk stops after Astin shoot? Are you guys disappointed or what. Since i'm one of those who participate in this, i shall make a 'kick start' for the whole thing until maybe you guys/gals wanted to takeover or find someone better.

Guys/gals in the namelist above, you got a pm. Let's see if we can work things out a bit.