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Thread: converting AVI to Motion-JPEG

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    Default converting AVI to Motion-JPEG


    I've got a CASIO Exilim Z55, whitch has a video capturing feature. On the manufacturer's site it says: File Record Format:
    Movies: AVI (Motion JPEG), Audio: WAV (Monaural)
    I would like to watch movies on my digicam, whitch i've got on my harddisc. These are Divx/Xvid and MPG. Do you know a tool, with that i can convert my movies on hdd into Motion JPEG?

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    get the codec of MJPEG, which I'm not sure which one Casio is using as there are many codecs flying around
    (the only way to know is for me to get hold of an avi file created by the camera)

    then convert ur existing avi file using virtualdub (not necessarily this one, but this one's free)

    however, I'm not sure ur camera can "read" the converted avi file.
    coz audio stream is another factor. from what I've read, the audio is stated as "monoaural". hence, at least, u have to convert ur existing avi file's audio stream to mono. then there's another problem of sampling rate.

    at the end of the day, I am not sure that this whole procedure can work

    if u got time, do some trial and error
    and read more.

    for the matter of how to use vDub, I'll elaborate further when you have decided to use it

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    This site might be useful,


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