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    Default How to get there?

    I'm thinking of doing some portrait shooting at a place with quite a bit of railway containers(like those for shipping goods cross-country) and perhaps some tracks too. Have seen some shots posted here before featuring such elements so figured they must exist somewhere in SG. The exact thing that I'm looking for would be an abandoned/disused/low-use rail yard/station.

    Can anyone share with me how to get there?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Tanjong Pagar railway terminal, where the malaysian trains pull in. There's a repair and storage yard just behind where the shophouses are, along Blair Road. Accessible from the main road by a rickety wooden staircase. I did a walkabout there 2 weeks back, have also seen some wedding shoots done there. Just watch yourself since it's malaysian government property, technically.

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    hey thanks will check it out
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