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Thread: where to get print nice for wedding album

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    Default where to get print nice for wedding album

    Hi clubsnappers,
    give me ur input? the cost and where?

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    Digital print or Negative Print?

    Which type of output do you prefer? Digital output or lens output?

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    i think he means those nice coffee table book kind of printing...
    that some weddings are printed on....
    is dat rite baruch? cos i'm wondering the same myself

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    dat rite ? nice album for wedding. print from digital. such 10R I think.
    trying doing wedding photo le. Or do they print out using epson?

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    if you're thinking of printing a coffee table book, personal suggestion is shoot on 120/220 film then go to a publishing company and ask about offset printing but it's horrendously expensive...

    if just from digital output to a normal photo paper, you can try Grace Digital Labs, somewhere in Clementi (along Sunset Way). 30cents per print, no handling fees. Search the threads somewhere for the address...

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    What sort of printing are you looking at. Some of you suggested magazine or publishing styled, very expensive leh. If it is just prints to put into an album then just go to any reliable labs will do, or even try John 3:16 at Funan IT Mall they do lots of pro prints.

    As for the coffee table book style, if you have lotsa money to fling around, then any decent publishing or printing house will do. To cut cost as a friend who is familiar with desktop publishing software to help with the layouts then put it on a CD and pass them to the printers. Try to give them in PDF format so that the layout stays the same.

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    what is wedding photographer using? if they use coffee table sytle and they charge $1300 for 25 pages. so do they earn much money?

    give me us the poll what the most popular style for wedding?


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