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Thread: Just bought my 1st DSLcamera

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    Do a think over and research of wat the things are,
    Then think u should buy or u will buy or u want to buy...
    know wat the things are use for and know the limitation of it.
    *** buy it when necessary.

    but in the end, whatever we said, u will have it all one...
    enjoy the BUY BUY BUY!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ck71
    wah! so many things to buy ah? 70-300mm, dry box, flash, UV filter, tripod, WA prime lens........,(most of these thing I don't even know how to use or for what purpose) want to scare me off is it? I just started only, need so many items meh?

    I think I stick to what I have first lah, like I said, wait till I strike toto, then BUY! BUY! BUY!

    btw, if you guys got any photo outing, I would be glad to join, so don't forget me hor.

    Stick with the 18 - 70 DX. It's an excellent lens, great for landscapes at the wide setting and a good portrait lens at the other end. It's also a nice compact lens so you will find it convenient to carry round. Learn what you can do with that first... If you find you want to do Sport/action or Nature photography where you need to get in close you could do with a Good telephoto zoom. If you go for a good quality zoom like the 80 -200 ED that should give you a great range of options. If you can't afford that you could go for something like the 70 - 300 G lens, but that is a bit cheap and cheerful and you would probably find it a retrograde step after what you already have. In my opinion the lens you have is pretty excellent for a first time DSLRer.

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    When I started, I only had one standard zoom lens. It took me 5 years before I actually bought a second lens. You need to increase you proficiency on the use of you camera and other accessories before even considering other stuff to add on. That's where joining outings, gatherings, courses, etc will help. You make new friends who might own those accessories that might allow you try them out before buying anything.

    You will be surprise how many photographers out there owns more equipment than they could use. Don't fall into the trap of owning equipment, concentrate of taking good pictures first.

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    ck71, u spent $2K on ur D70.

    And for this $2K, many more $2K will come (or literally 'go') your way.

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    if he buy buy buy then later he can sell sell sell and we can then buy buy buy cheaper 2nd hand stuff. hahaha

    Not my normal tone, hee hee just could not help it.

    Get a dry cabinet first to keep your stuff.
    After that get a good tripod. it can follow you for years, mine is already more than 10 years old.

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