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Thread: Battle Scene Spore!!

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    Default Battle Scene Spore!!

    Pls do check out this link abt how the photograph of what Islamist militants claimed was a captured US soldier may be instead a toy figure sold at US military bases in the Middle East.

    As some of u oridi knows,I'm ur friendly neighbourhood DI artist

    So I'm asking for anyone who possesses these military figurines and is interested to shoot them to be composed realistically into our local landscape.

    Anyone,anyone, it'll be FUN! Preferably Swat or jungle-green uniforms will be better. Will post the result here when done!


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    Haiz, not even 1 reply...perhaps too boliao
    Was hoping to 'shoot' the 'rescue' scene....too bad.

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    Just saw your thread, I got one US Army chemical warfare figure.
    Will try to take photo of it.
    War is one of the most regrettable human activities.


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