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Thread: HCI NJC Colours of Life! Seminar and Mega Exhibition. FREE ADMISSION!

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    Exclamation HCI NJC Colours of Life! Seminar and Mega Exhibition. FREE ADMISSION!

    Hey ShutterBugs out there!

    NJC AND HCI Jointly presents: The Colours of Life! The essence of photography 2005!

    This seminar would be featuring 3 speakers from different fields to talk about photography in namely these three areas: Nature, Photo Journalism and Perfoming Arts. They would be providing you with an insight on the skills needed to take beautiful shots in their specialised fields of photography. Its definately a Seminar not to be missed.

    Furthermore, there will also be a MEGA exhibition featuring works from EYE THE CITY as well as works for YOUNG EYES 2004! What's more admission is FREE!

    Venue: National Junior College
    Date: 12/2/05
    Time: 9.30am-12.00pm
    Admission: FREE!

    So do pop by NJC for a fun filled time.

    For enquires and seat reservation:
    contact LEE JUN KIAT @ 93627871

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    Anione going??

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    Sounds good. Anyone going? I wanna go.

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    Default HCI NJC Colours of Life! Seminar and Mega Exhibition. FREE ADMISSION!

    Hi leejk60,
    Thank you for the information. I'm interestd in the photography talks. Who are the speakers? And what are the timings? I may not be able to make for all 3 talks.

    Bin Kan

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    The Speakers are:
    Mr Loh Eng Hong(sports) 9.40am
    Mr Spencer Zeng(photojournalism) 10.20am
    Mr Lim Seng Tiong(performing arts) 11am

    Here's a brief introduction on the speakers:

    Mr Loh Eng Hong took up
    photography as an ECA at
    National Junior College where he
    was the Chief Instructor of NJPS. His passion
    for photography was flamed by his mentor
    Mr. Lim Seng Tiong, an ex-Straits Times Photo
    Head. His keen eye for unique angles was soon
    rewarded with the top prize in the 35th HDB
    Photographic Competition, a national award in
    the very first year of a young photographic stint.
    Many photographic awards soon followed with
    the most notable being the Gold Award in the
    Canon Photo Competition (International) 2000,
    an honor shared by few in local photography
    scene. Other significant awards include the
    Asean COCI-Photo Competition 2001 and two
    bronze awards in the recent Singapore Youth
    Photography Competition 2004.
    He was also commissioned to be the on-site
    photographer for the movie “I Not Stupid” by
    Raintree Multimedia.

    Mr Spencer Zeng took up
    photographyat the age of 18 and
    has been with Lianhe Zaobao for 7
    years. At the age of 35, Mr Spencer Zeng
    has acumulated a wealthy pool of experience
    in the field of photo journalism. He has been to
    numerous parts of South-East Asia for photo
    assignments and is entrusted with covering
    significant events such as the Indonesia’s first
    General Election as well as Indonesia’s first
    Presidential Election.

    Recently, He has been actively involved in
    ‘Shaping Singapore’, a project in which demands
    photographers to portray Singapore in a unique
    and creative way. Indeed, there is much we can
    learn from such an experienced photographer.

    Mr Lim Seng Tiong
    is a
    photographer with a class of
    his own. He has been taking
    photographs since the tender
    age of nine and has been
    hired as a photographer for
    The Straits Times newspaper, various
    magazines and even a company owned by
    Jackie Chan just to name a few.

    He is frequently entrusted with important events
    where high profile people such as
    Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew are guests and
    is renowned in this field. His best works are only
    what most photographers can dream of.
    He has received the Artist Award from the
    country and other numerous awards from
    photographic competitions that even he has lost
    count of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enghong17
    Anione going??

    hmm.. this person seems to be the first person on top.

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    Yup, was wondering how the response was gonna be

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    do we need to reserve a seat or can we just walk in??


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