Hi, we are bringing to you yet another model shoot on 6 Feb 2005.

Details as follows:
Date: 6 Feb 2005
Place: Outdoor (details released to confirmed participants)
Time: 2pm-5pm
Cost: $40 per photographer
Ratio: 6 Photographers to 1 Model

We are increasing our photographers to model ratio in view of the feedback received.

We plan to have three main styles, variations of casual and formal combinations.

As this is a group shoot, you will be having 3 hours of shooting time with the model, excluding changing and rest times. We shall only proceed if there's sufficient participation.

So why hesitate? Pm me today or preferably, email me at modelshooter88@NO SPAM HERE yahoo.com.sg to reserve your spot today! (remove the words NOSPAMHERE before emailing - duh!)

Photo of the proposed model is as follows: