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Thread: first assignment need some advice due to lighting condition - poolside evening

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    Default Re: first assignment need some advice due to lighting condition - poolside evening

    thanks all
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    Default Re: first assignment need some advice due to lighting condition - poolside evening

    Quote Originally Posted by slim86 View Post
    Thanks to all bro advises here. Not to worry, I am not going to step into this business at all and spoil real pro image. I have tripled confirmed my fri just now that he is ok with me and seen my works before (non paid brother in law wedding like guest) and he said ok too. I insisted him to get a real pro photog. He said not to worry at all. So now i will just volunteer myself an try my best. Just that i am not sure how to handle lighting in outdoor evening coz i ever shoot a farewell party of my friend on a condo pool side and its not easy. Evening time pool will be just plain dark if no ambient light and the results. That time i also used direct flash, no bounce card. Bounce will create uneven light ambience. I am thinking of setting up an artificial light ambience by using a flash triggered off shoe on a lightstand with those type of gary fong sphere. But dunno if it will work well coz i dont have it and nv try it.
    Anyway thanks all for caring.

    Btw i come to this forum to seek advise not to keep discussing the same thread that has been discussed thousands overtime in clubsnap on how amateurs spoiling their clients moment in life. I am aware of it and i am just helping out. Lets change the topic, its not and assignment its just helping out. I have no intention to do photo business and alrdy confirmed with my fri he want me to shoot his ROM. If you ask me how to reject i have done it politely first hand when he asked me by saying i am just novice and you should look for real pro.
    Lets not keep discussing the same topic or i just quit this forum and you all will be fine
    have you see football at the stadium before, you want set up your own lighting? it has to be something like the stadium lighting, high enough at four corners, so no matter where your subjects walking here or there will be evenly lighted. but there is a catch, all your subjects will have four shadows.

    another way is to hire an assistant, carry the light stand and moving along with you, and he must be good, know how to position himself, aim the light at the right place without your instructions.

    hope this help.
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