i got a problem with my ms powerpoint at home.

i got a ppt file that consist of my project presentation. in School i am able to view all the pictures..and do anything to them...(in simple school everything works fine)
but when i bring home the ppt work on my home computer
an error will appear.
telling me that there is a error etc..n nvr tell me wat is the whole problem.
then when i disable the antivirus, the file can be opened..but there will be pictures that become in the colour will get messed up..brown will turn green, grey will turn pink etc.
the pictures r in adobe rgb 1998 jpeg files
both the school computer and my home computer r using the same version of software.
on a ibook..using the powerpoint mac...i can open the file and problem..
using openoffice..too..i can view the whole file wihout any problem.

wat is the there anyway i can solve it.
Do help me thanz.