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    I have been using a 5050 for 2-3 years now.

    Want to buy a compact at 5MP camera now for outdoor and other casual use. Can you all recommend some cameras? I have looked at the Olympus miu-500, miu-mini, Nikon, Oly C70, Sony.

    Basically, I want something that will perform near as well as my 5050 and yet come in a smaller package so that it is easier to carry around.

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    miu-500 should be a good choice, else you may want to consider Canon A95

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    For outdoor I will surely say the FX7/FX2. Although indoor it is supposed to be good with OIS, but once with flash it seems harsh. Not sure of other digicam but the flash is not that great indoor. Well it is a casual use so indoor will still provide sharp images but with the typical harsh flash if used.

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    I'll recommend the Canon S70... or the S60 if u just need 5MP... great compact camera with wide angle lens and manual controls...

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