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Thread: photos in clubsnap unviewable

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    Default photos in clubsnap unviewable

    hi seem to have a problem of viewing the threads. alot of those recent threads that i am trying to view in the portraits forum (i only view this one never try the rest).The photos cant be seen is this only me or is everyone having the same problem .
    Can somebody help me?

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    Eh... it may be due to your PC setting.

    For me, I need to turn off my ZoneAlarm (firewall software). I off it because I can't be bother to figure what setting to adjust.

    Try to adjust your PC software setting or off it.

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    Default Your IE setting

    Hi Climber,

    Your must enable cookie to view all the image.

    IE setting
    Go to tools => Internet options => Privacy and change the setting to medium.


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