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    Default Very Poor Wireless Connection

    Hello Clubsnappers,

    I'm sure there are many tech savvy people around here that can help me. I am currently a SIngnet BB user, and I have their free Alcatel One Touch 570 Wireless Router cum Modem. However, I feel that the reception is terrible, not sure if it is the fault of the modem. I live in a mansionette HDB flat, and the modem is in the masterbedroom. All the other computers are on the upper level (read same level), no more than 15 meters away.... , probably less. I hover around the 6% level on one computer, sometimes no reception (Laptop Netgear Card). One has around 20-30% reception (Desktop USB DLINK network card), another has around 30-40% (desktop DLINK). This is terrible, sometimes I have to bring my laptop to the masterbedroom just to surf.

    COuld someone help me here, whats going wrong ? I notice when the computer connects, it connects to Wireless Network Connection 2 . I dont know where the 2 comes about, not sure if thats the problem. I dont use any ultra high frequency cordless phones at home, all normal, non digital ones.

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    1. Check that you are not connecting to an unsecured wireless network which is not yours (possibly your neighbour's)

    2. Change your wireless channel to Ch 11, which works most of the time.

    3. The wireless router might have power settings for the transmission which you can set.


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    Ckiang has covered mostly all of it.

    maybe u can turn off wep for your router for a test.
    wep supposedly cuts signal and speed

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    Nope, I'm connected to my own modem.... . Transmission gets much better when I'm next to it. It just degrades badly with distance. I've chosen the recommended channel. What else can be missing ? STill bad.

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    Does your router have an antenna? It makes a lot of difference especially between floors.

    The router has to be in a central location as well.

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    does your neighbours tapping your BB wifi, affects your connection as well? (juz asking...curious...question for the tech-saavy)
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    Sound like your wireless router is faulty. Maybe you should call up the vendor to check it out 1st ..
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    the attentuation shouldn't be that bad.

    it could be the number of obstructions (in your case, the walls) attentuating the signal power.

    try setting your access point at a central location, like the stairwell area. test using your laptop anywhere in your house. Make sure you use a unique SSID and set your computer terminals accordingly.

    theoretically, the channel doesn't matter, unless everyone near your place uses the same channel, which cuts down the available bandwidth.

    if the signal power is still poor, i suggest you check with the vendor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alankuik
    Ckiang has covered mostly all of it.

    maybe u can turn off wep for your router for a test.
    wep supposedly cuts signal and speed
    WEP does cut the signal due to encryption, and thus the throughput, but not that much so to attentuate it to below normal levels.

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    Din't know WEP cuts down speed, some routers have hardware WEP decryptions which doesn't affect throughput but it definitely true that it will not cut down on your transmission strength.

    Most of the points to improve have already been covered, not all are accurate but they don't affect signal strength in general. but just to add on, some wireless router do allow for transmission power settings. Try to set this higher or to the max (i don't do that cos it gives me a headache). Your laptop can also set this power setting, turn it up as well, this lets the router to 'see' your laptop better.

    Some tests to carry out, if you're sitting next to it with your laptop, you should get full signal strength. If you're not, then your wireless router is definitely mis-configured or spoilt.

    And also if you're famliar with building structures, try not to place your router near main support beams. Main support beams are steel reinforced concrete with more steel wires in them and form a ground cage for your wireless signals. This is the same reason why wireless signals drop drastically between storeys.

    Position the router preferably away from your desktop and monitor as well. These are 2 powerful ground planes.

    In short, keep as little objects (espically grounded electrical equipments)between your receiver and tranmitter.
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    hello, thanks for all your replies

    When surfing next to the router, its perfect. Very quick. However, once I move away, signal drops tremendously. No, my router has no antennae.

    And No power settings as well. Where do I turn up the power settings on my laptop ?

    The modem is directly 1 floor below me, both my laptop and modem is by the window somemore. Argh.

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    Why dun u just get a separated wireless router which will solve your problem. I know the Alcatel is FOC from Singtel but if u r getting poor signals....might else well throw it into the dustbin. Or better still bring it back for a new one. If the new one have the similiar problem, then ask Singtel to go fly kite.

    Why don't you try asking whether any of your friends uses other Wireless Router brand. Try out and see whether you will face the same problem with the Alcatel.

    I always think separate components is always better than all-in-one. I am using a Linksys Wireless G with Aztech Modem. So far so good. The signal is so powerful that my neighbour can detect it from his room.

    The distance from my room to his is about 25 meters (based on wall to wall). There is about 4 walls in between my room and his. The signal of course is not full but he is getting about 60-70% which is good enuf to surf but of course he has he own router as well which I can detect too but we agreed not to go into each others network...hehe! Anyway, both our routers has been encrypted.


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