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Thread: Black & White Printing Photography(starts on 15 Feb 2005)

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    Arrow Black & White Printing Photography(starts on 15 Feb 2005)

    Hi All........

    Despite the popularity of digital imaging, the traditional B/W printing remains popular with many photographers. This course shall bring the students to an exciting world of B/W printing where images will appear from the dark on the paper, in the darkroom. This hands-on approach course shall equip students with sufficient skills to start their journey in B/W printing. The course is a foundation course to the B/W Darkroom Technique course.
    Duration : 4 weeks, 2 hours per session
    Course Fee : S$150 (member), S$250 (non-member)
    Language : English
    Pre-requisite : Basic Photography Course
    Instructor : Maria Sin

    Fee inclusive of chemical and 5R paper for practical purpose (purchased by PSS)

    Lesson 1:
    -- Films (types and where to buy)
    -- Filters (effects of filters)
    -- How to set up a darkroom and equipment needed.
    -- How to see B/W
    Highlight and shadow, Tones, Flat light, Mood
    -- Briefing on projects
    Shadow, People/portrait, Backlight, Patterns, Reflections, Still Life

    (project: over the weekend, students are required to go for a class shoot on their own at the Botanic garden. They will be given 6 objectives to shoot)
    Students are required to purchase their own film processing tanks and 8R paper for assessment

    Lesson 2:
    -- Types of paper
    -- Preparing the chemical
    -- Setting up the equipment (timer and lens)
    -- Making the test strip
    -- Making the contact print

    Lesson 3:
    Using 5R paper
    -- Print a photo
    -- Dodging, Burning, Vignetting

    Lesson 4:
    Using 8R paper
    -- Print a photo
    -- Dodging, Burning, Vignetting drop us an e-mail at for enquiries.

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    Learn to control your own printout from the darkroom ...... if anyone is interested in the Zone System, Black and White photography and printout would be the best to pick up the basics of Zone System.


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