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Thread: Bicycle theft

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    Default Bicycle theft

    Due to the recent NEA's bicycle case, I got interest in bicycle again after selling or disposing off all my bikes and rack. I realise there are many bicycles on the road. Are there that many previously or just recently?

    There was also an interviews done recently and one owner was quoted as saying his bicycle cost only $30 and to buy a lock that cost that much, it is not worth the trouble. It seems to indicate that you can easily buy a 2nd bicycle at around $30. So, it is either people are buying cheap bicycle and then sold them cheaply or many bicycles are stolen re-sold as 2nd hands.

    For bicycle owners, can't we have a system to resgister bicycle ownership? All bicycles are required to add a chip or bar-code or something (make it cheap, less than $10) so that whenever you are being stopped for checks, the police can easily read the chip/bar code of the ownership and tally against your ID. If you are riding somebody's bike, you will have to provide the contact. Police can then record the info for future reference. For this to work, all bicycles are required to carry that chip/sticker.

    This way not only we safeguard the owners of bikes, we also cut down on crime rate.

    Any bike owners here have any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Bicycle theft

    Do you know bicycles used to have a license plate? is no longer a mandatory after the 80's.

    $30 is the price you paid for the "recycled" bicycle at certain part of Singapore, normal bicycle shops only sell "clean" used bicycle, and won't sell at this kind of price.

    I remember you can bring your bicycle to police post to have it engrave.
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    Objection !!!

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    SPF is giving out free alarm, contact your nearest police post.
    Objection !!!


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