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Thread: "Best of Britain in Singapore" Photography Contest

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    Default "Best of Britain in Singapore" Photography Contest

    More details on the contest @ - UK in Singapore | Facebook

    All entries should be submitted to:

    Terms & Conditions:

    By submitting your entries into the “Best of Britain in Singapore” Photography Contest (“the Contest”) organised by the British High Commission of Singapore (“the Organisers”), you agree to abide by the following conditions:

    General rules:
    1. The Contest is open only to residents of Singapore who will be in Singapore physically from 11 to 13 September 2012.
    2. Staff member and immediate family members of the Organisers are not allowed to take part in the Contest.
    3. There is no limit to the number of entries that each participant can submit.
    4. The Contest runs from 13 August 2012 to 4 September 2012. All entries received after 2359 hours (Singapore local time) on 4 September 2012 will not be considered.
    5. The Organisers will not be responsible for loss, damage or misplacement of entries before or during the delivery of entries for the Contest.
    6. At any time during the Contest, the Organisers reserve the right to reject any entry at its discretion, and will not be obligated to provide reasons for the rejection of entries.
    7. Only one entry will be selected as the winning entry. The winner will be select by the identified judging panel, and their decision is final and non-negotiable.
    8. The terms and conditions of the Contest are subject to changes, during the Contest, at the discretion of the Organisers, and these changes will be updated on the British High Commission of Singapore’s website and Facebook page.
    9. Participants who breach any of the terms and conditions will be disqualified.

    Contest requirements:
    1. The Contest is themed “Best of Britain in Singapore”.
    2. To enter the contest, participants must provide a photograph that they feel best depicts the theme “Best of Britain in Singapore”. The photograph must be originally produced by the participant. The photograph also cannot be an entry that has been submitted for AND selected as a winner in any other competition or contest.
    3. All entries must be accompanied by a description, of no more than 100 words, on why the participant feels the photograph best represents the theme “Best of Britain in Singapore”.
    4. All participants must include their full name, identification type (e.g. NRIC, FIN, passport), identification number and a contactable telephone number with their submissions.
    5. The winning participant will be requested to show proof of identification and originality of his/her entry, failing which the entry will be disqualified and another winning entry selected.
    6. All entries, including photograph entries, 100-word descriptions, full name, identification type and number, and contact telephone number must be submitted to

    Photograph specifications:
    1. Photograph entries should reflect the theme of the Contest as per the contest requirements above.
    2. Photographs submitted for the Contest can be produced using any form of lensed photographic device, including cameras, mobile phones and devices with Instagram functions.
    3. Digital manipulations done to purposely distort the real image are disallowed. Adjustments of quality to improve contrast, saturation or colour levels are acceptable.
    4. Entries must be in jpeg file format and cannot be more than 1MB in size. Slides, negatives or hard copy prints will not be accepted.
    5. Entries will be publicised on the UK in Singapore Facebook page and the Organisers will not regulate how these photographs would be shared or used by other users.
    6. The Organisers will request for higher resolution versions of the original image for evaluation and publicity purposes, and participants must produce these as required.
    7. Contest entries are non-returnable.

    Copyright, reproduction and usage rights:
    1. Participants must own the sole copyright of their entries.
    2. The Organisers reserve the right to disqualify any participant who does not own the copyrights to their entries.
    3. When requested for by the Organisers, participants will provide the original softcopy of their entries, for the discretionary use of the Organisers.
    4. The Organisers reserve the right to use the submitted entries, either in softcopy form or reproduced in hardcopy, for marketing or promotional purposes, but the participants will retain the copyright of their works.

    1. There will be only one winner declared for the Contest.
    2. The winner will receive the opportunity to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in person during their visit to Singapore, provided all security requirements are met.
    3. This opportunity is available to the winner of the Contest only, and cannot be extended to include anyone not approved by the Organisers.
    4. Should the winner be under the age of 18 years, the Organisers will consider inviting an accompanying guardian to be present at the meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
    5. This opportunity is not transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or benefit in-kind.
    6. The Organisers reserves the right to substitute an alternative to the opportunity for the meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in case of unforeseen circumstances.
    7. The Organisers reserves the right to declare a no-win for the Contest.

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    Default Re: "Best of Britain in Singapore" Photography Contest

    The organizers are no longer accepting any more entries for the contest.

    In the meantime, you can check out the photo submissions on the UK in Singapore Facebook gallery page.

    Finalists and the grand winner will be contacted early next week!
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