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Thread: Product Shoot: Max Brenner Chocs Fondue Holder.

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    Default Product Shoot: Max Brenner Chocs Fondue Holder.

    I was attempting a product shoot. I would appreciate your opinions. Check out that bokeh, I cant stop looking!

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    nice!! but i felt that the words should be clearer

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    looks like an expensive egg holder!!! hahahah

    sorry... on a more serious note, i like the contrast in colours and the shadow
    however, feel that it should be clearer until about 1/4 back, reflection on the stickers is quite bad for a product shot. not sure if this was done on purpose, but the lighting and shadows makes the egg-holder... i mean the chocs fondue holder look asymmetrical.
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    On a personal note since we do not know what was the brief the client gave to work on, it needs a lot more work if a view is to get excited about seeing this - at least exicted in theory enough to go and eat there. You could rethink the basic compo layout, a little there seem to be too much space left for text copy. Lighting may need some refinement or variations. Sticker flare is no no no. Illegible text is another no go no fly we no pay you area.

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    if the target is to show off the bokeh, then it's a succesful shot.

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    i do not feel any emotion looking at the shot. if it is a food product, it does not appear to me as edible.

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    i can't give you any pointers on how to shoot it better, but i can give you my opinion as a consumer.

    no offence - but it looks too ordinary. too much black areas, too shallow depth of field, making the whole product looks flat and formless. unequal sharpness distributed across the text.

    there's no 'resting' point in the searching around for an answer "what IS this thing?" but the question is unresolved. (what if there's not title or text to help me out?)

    and oh...why is it cut off so abruptly at the bottom?

    try varying your lighting positionings. this looks like it was placed near an obvious single light source.

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    At least, the words has got to be clear. And like ellery said... the blown highlights on the sticker is a definitely no no.... Although bokeh is good in some product shots to generate mood... its doesn't really jive with the shot or generate any moods... just maybe to showcase the smooth bokeh of the lens.

    Just being frank here...

    But then again, if your client loves it.... then you'd have done a good job anyway....

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    Default My version :D

    Hi there, here's another max brenner shot that i've taken. just took for fun :P


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