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    Hi All,

    call me crazy! i am planning a self drive trip from singapore to thailand and preparing my itinerary now
    need your help to identify some of the places to add to my itinerary in thailand on my route.

    i want to know if there are any places i can add to my itenerary
    between phuket and bangkok
    between chiang mai and hua hin
    between hua hin and koh samui

    my current trip plan is:
    Singapore>>Krabi>>Phuket>>Bangkok>>Kanchanburi>>ch iang mai>>hua hin>>koh samui>>singapore

    1N: start in the night from singapore
    1D: reach Krabi next afternoon - rest of the day is rest
    2N: relax and rest
    2D: island hopping around krabi
    3N: rest
    3D: drive to phuket and visit sunset point and other places
    4N: party and rest
    4D: island hopping
    5N: rest
    5D: inland hopping and sea sports
    6N: drive to bangkok
    6D: tour bangkok and around
    7N: Bangkok
    7D: Bangkok
    8N: Bangkok
    8D: drive to kanchanaburi (tiger temple, river kwai, etc)
    9N: drive to chiang mai
    9D: chiang mai
    10N: chiang mai
    10D: chiang mai
    11N : drive from chiang mai to Hua Hin
    11D: Hua Hin
    12N: Hua Hin
    12D: Hua Hin
    13N: Hua Hin to Koh Samui
    13D: Koh Samui
    14N: Koh Samui
    14D: Koh Samui Island hopping
    15N: Koh Samui
    15D: start from Koh Samui in the evening
    16N: on the way
    16D: Reach Singapore in the morning
    17N: MC
    17D: MC
    18N: MC
    18D: MC

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    Default Re: Thailand - Selfdrive

    ermm i wun recommend u to self drive in BKK... the traffic there is madness and the traffic directions looks very confusing... not to forget... the massive traffic jams.

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    Default Re: Thailand - Selfdrive

    Hi Sinned,

    agree with you, last time i managed directions blindly following my GPS, this time i have a friend there who is going to drive me around so i can concentrate on my camera

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    Default Re: Thailand - Selfdrive

    You'll have more opportunity to shoot if you take a train to the malaysia/thai border.
    Make your way to various places using local transport, including Thai rail. And at the end fly home.
    Less tiring and you can focus on visiting places and shooting.

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    Default Re: Thailand - Selfdrive

    Hi Shierwin,

    Thanks for the advise completely agree with you, but this trip is 50% driving and 50% photography, we are going in a group of 4 cars.

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    Default Re: Thailand - Selfdrive

    Hi Guys,

    i am closing this thread, receeived the information from one of the thai photography forum
    thanks for your inputs


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