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    Okay..i know i sound like a complete there any place/ person who can teach me the proper use of flash if just say i want to take indoor or night event shots? and is the inbuilt flash good enough?

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    then there's also the problem of when to use it and when not when i was in chinatown one night and there was this calligrapher dude....thought it would have been rude to have flashed him with my inbuilt i didn't...

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    it depends on the available light, sometime you should even use it in the daytime.
    The built in flash is good enough for fill in flash but if used in low light situations it will create a harsh shadow, which to some may not be very nice.

    There are people who are teaching photography here, I do not want to recommend anyone as I do not know what they teach and how they teach, so go ask around and find out.

    About the calligrapher dude, if he was doing it in public, i do not think that he would mind the flash, i also do not think that if you did use your flash, you would be the only one who has done it. Just make sure that you smile at him if he looks at you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentmonkey
    ....thought it would have been rude to have flashed him with my inbuilt stuff...
    Yes it would have been rude

    On a more serious note, I think its up to personal experience. No matter how good on a theory side you are, nothing beats going out there to experiment with lighting yourself. That's where the fun comes from anyway. I believe there are courses on photography here, but not sure if any that specialises in just using flash.


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