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Thread: need your comments on this site..

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    Default need your comments on this site..

    Just completed this forum site...need your comments... on how to improved it

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    nice banner....

    you might wanna do some research on

    things to improved.

    Forum is a straight forward thing so try not to put an main page before enter (my point of view)
    Place quick link to the tread or lastest tread like CS
    The color consistancy no there too many color...

    After enter...
    Nice work color are great but looks like a normal forum...
    The top banner not interesting enough then u got repeating name of the site
    The Css or table is too tight to me not sure about others

    It my personal comments, no offences ya... all the best!
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    no harm in having a mainpage. that's common. every website has to have a "home"

    in fact, it's quite necessary, it's where important information or general information is placed, where you want to take your visitors first.

    only thing is to proof read your page. quite a few spelling mistakes and gramatical errors.

    good work on the page otherwise.


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