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Thread: Mine First Food photo Shoots

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    Default Mine First Food photo Shoots

    Hi everyone ,

    i have just posted some of mine first food photo.
    Hope to learn more about food photography.

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    Every shot is underexposed. None of them look appealing. It looks like its a buffet. If you have control over the dishes, do a little clean up. Everything looks like its a mess.

    You want to improve, learn the basics of photography first.
    Exposure, DOF, composition, lighting.
    Then focus on single dishes which are simple. If you can work with the food, then its best you learn to do a little bit of food styling, or at the very least make sure the dish is not in a huge mess.

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    hi, it's a good attempt, but like what Raied said, you need to push up the exposure level, as well as know what you want to focus on, as well as the appropriate depth of field to ensure that the appropriate areas are in focus.

    take the criticism with an open mind, and you will improve

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    Hi guys thanks for your comments. Noted the points given to me.
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