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Thread: Have a nice day!

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    I do that sometimes when the wrong number doesn't interrupt me from something important

    I've got this old lady who frequently calls my number wrongly. I used to be quite vexed by her constantly calling but nowadays I gently tell her that she has called the wrong number. She's probably more embarassed and 'pai-seh' than I am angry.

    But yes, reactions like these always make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and shows us that there's still some 'hope' in this world!

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    There's this one time when an old woman called me asking for a different person. I told her she got the wrong number. She suddenly screamed at me and told me she's going to report to the police because my number is stolen. That lasted for about two days. I guess she got tired or discovered her mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sion View Post
    Are you a female who is happy that a man calls you?

    Does it matter?

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