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Thread: Could I have been cheated?

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    Default Could I have been cheated?

    Hey guys, have a few questions regarding CF cards. I'm using a Sandisk UltraII 512Mb. I bought a 1Gb version about a month back and realise that the read/write speed is much slower than the 512 card I have. This is especially when I tried taking multi shots on my D70 in RAW format. I've tried using both card under similar conditions and the 1Gb card takes a longer time to write. Are there imitations in the market? Or are larger capacity cards naturally slower? I've compared both CF cards and packaging visually and I dun see any difference at all. Is there a way I can verify its authenticity?

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    hmmm, i do not have the 1gb to test but my ultra 512mb writes very slow on the 1Ds, maybe its the 11mp file, i also like to find out.

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    I use a 1Gb Ultra II for my Ipaq... and i have to agree that the R/W times are rather slow.
    I compared it to the 1Gb Extreme though.
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    I've only used a normal SanDisk & Ultra II. Shooting in RAW mode (NEF using D70) the normal SanDisk takes considerably longer to write. So far I've had no issues with slow write times on the Ultra II (1GB).

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    I use both the extreme 1Gig and the ultra 512. No real difference felt. Fast on 1D even with 8.5fps. I have read that the extreme is very slightly faster. I do not notice when shooting. On 300D, they are also about the same. The camera write speed is slower and the fast card is not really optimised.


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