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Thread: HAve a format for Workshops, Studio/Model Shoot

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    Default HAve a format for Workshops, Studio/Model Shoot

    Hi guys

    1) Can u all vote whether this is necessary/helpful for us?

    2) Also reply to this thread on suggestions for the Format.
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    Default Format Suggestion

    Suggested Fields

    Title of Shoot (open text)- e.g. Models in CNY costumes
    Date (DDMMMYY) - e.g. 8 Feb 2005
    Time Start (TT AM/PM) - e.g. 9 am
    Time End (TT AM/PM) - e.g. 12 pm
    Location (open text) - e.g. Chinatown
    Type of shoot (open text) - e.g. Studio
    Theme (open text) - e.g. CNY
    Number of models (XX) - e.g. 2
    Description of models (open text) - e.g. 1 female , 1 male. Femaie is very tall. Male is very short with blue eyes.
    Costs (open text) - e.g. $60 per person
    Contact details (open text) - e.g. PM or email me at

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    No objections using this format. Looks very concise.

    Don't mind following this format for the future photo shoots that I organise.

    Thanks alot for suggesting.

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    Required equipment: e.g. flash, camera with hotshoe, props

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    Default Where is Cindy Lee's organiser?!!!

    With the above episode, I think it will be cool to allow CSers to rate organisers. Something like a Reputation System like in other forums.

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    Default Organisers I trust most:

    1) Astin
    2) Charby
    3) Kirk

    (in no particular order)


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