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Thread: Looking for quiet Studio

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    Exclamation Looking for quiet Studio

    Hi guys... this is an incarnation of another thread i posted 2 days ago

    I'm actually looking for a studio to do a chroma key video shoot. I understand most studios would not have chroma key BGs. But my requirements now are simple-

    1) The studio to be relatively free of external sound or even better, sound proof. this is because we have sound recording on set.

    2) To have lights for video use. And the necessary grip equipment.

    Pls come forward to me if u guys have any recommendations.


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    how big an area do you require?

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    I'm only shooting 1 person so i dun need a big space.

    shld still be spacious enough for our technical set up tho

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    If you're shooting only 1 person, and don't need a big space, then you might want to consider searching for AUDIO recording studios or production houses with enough room for you to set-up lights. However, check out specific dimensions as many of the sound-proof rooms tend to be very small or cramped.

    As for booms, and clamps or what have you, mabbie have to rent from a photo studio. Check out the Consumers' Corner for those who can cater to your needs.

    All the best for your shoot!
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    all right


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