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Thread: Recommended Hair Gels

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    Default Recommended Hair Gels

    Getting bored of short hairstyles. Wanting to try medium long slick backs. Now my fringe stops at half nose, i'm waiting for another 2 weeks to grow longer.

    I'm considering Gatsby Super Hard gel but the reviews are quite bad. Some says dramatic hair fall and some says hard to wash off. I used to use gatsby moving rubber wax and the 2 points given were true. Dropped alot of hair and super difficult to wash it off! I was thinking of getting Loreal gels but it is quite expensive. Also does anyone uses tresemme shampoo? Any good?

    Any recommendations?

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    Default Re: Recommended Hair Gels

    Used to use Tancho many years ago in the 70s
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close

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    i don't have hair-falling issues when i'm using Gatsby Moving Rubber. in fact, Takuya Kimura still has a lot of hair.

    i would suggest, that if you really want extreme holding, you can try Loreal. there's this gel, i think it's FREEZE or SUPER HARD.

    you probably could pull this off if you use loreal:

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    wow hard gay was super early YouTube. anyway.

    you might want to consider Code 10, endorsed by President

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    Isn't tancho a type of fish?

    Hah! I just bought gatsby super hard gel. Didn't last a minute! Comb back and it didn't stay. Used almost 50cent diameter. I'll look into loreal again, I the meantime I think I have to use hairspray to make it more stable :/

    I'm considering mousse too.


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