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Thread: Urban decay photography in Singapore

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    Default Urban decay photography in Singapore

    Are there any members in the forum who usually do urban decay photography?

    Recently, I have came across in Time Out magazine and Strat Times newspaper with some suggestion of abandoned places which are great for photos as the former CID headquarters in Eu Tong Sen Street, Queensway cinema, Istana Woodneuk and the impressive Old Changi Hospital and Soong Sisters House.

    Back in Europe I used to make decay photography (Flickr: Pedro Manuel Monteiro's stuff tagged with decay) and would like to join some photo shootings here. Anyone interested?

    Pedro Monteiro

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    Default Re: Urban decay photography in Singapore

    Papers suggested these places? Well welcome to Singapore as these places have been fenced, monitored by Aetos or whatever, and CCTV-ed, no chance for any artistic endeavors. Queensway Cinema? Nothing to gawk at. Not to sound pessimistic however, there might be a few hideway here and there, but you'll get much better chance at JB.
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    Default Re: Urban decay photography in Singapore

    this section is for the ORGANIZING of outings and gatherings

    moving it
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    Default Re: Urban decay photography in Singapore

    You may want to consider these places ("URBAN RUINS") listed here.
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    Default Re: Urban decay photography in Singapore

    yup most of the places you've read about are fenced off already.

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    Default Re: Urban decay photography in Singapore

    Thanks for the comments and especially the list of recommended places for photos. Has anyone explored Mandai Estate?


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