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Thread: Getaway to Grand Canyon, any tips?

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    Default Getaway to Grand Canyon, any tips?

    Hi guys,

    I am going to US (Las Vegas, Grand Canyon & L.A) next month. Any good spot to recommend for shoot at this places and any good tips to share or pointers I should take note?

    Thank you.


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    Default Las Vegas

    Las Vegas

    In the night, take a walk with your tripod, cable release and walk the whole stretch an shoot as you go. The last time I was there was no digital, so I was shotting film (ISO 400, 1 ~ few seconds shutter speed)

    After you seen that, you be wondering why you bother with the Xmas lightup in Orchard Road

    Grand Canyon
    Cannot remember the spots already. Mid days rather hazy and flat kind of lighting. Shoot in the mornings and evenings. I think there are some spots for shooting sunrises. But get there early to set up (if you are driving). But is is freezing cold early in the morning. Keep something to munch in the car,


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