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Thread: Cropping picture to 3:2 ratio for processing by photolab

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    Red face Cropping picture to 3:2 ratio for processing by photolab

    Hi there seniors on CS...
    been trying to figure out how to crop pics to 3:2 ratio before i send the photos to the lab for processing... i afraid the developing lab might crop away parts of the original (4:3) photos to make it into 3:2.... i wanna crop my own photos such that it turn out to be wat i want it to be.

    Had bad experiences where they (photo lab) crop away parts of the photo which i deem is necessary...
    pls help me... advise me or share your workflow with me...
    i use photoshop 7

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    One way is to use the cropping tool. set the parameters-E.g 4R to 4 by 6 inches. and set 300 Dpi. Then Crop.

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    another point to take note. Some printers dun print your photos pixel for pixel exactly onto the edge of the leave some head room for them. dun crop your pics to exactly what you want but leave some border around.

    Meaning if you want to print a person, dun crop the pic such that the top of the head is already at the edge of the pic and the toes at the other end.

    Give about 10-20% room.
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