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Thread: Should I sent my camera for repair?

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    Default Should I sent my camera for repair?

    Hi, I need some advise here, I own a Sony consumer camera bought about two years ago at $599.

    Now the CCD is spoilt and I have enquired at the Sony Service Center. If I were to sent it for repair, it would cost me $200++

    Should I just throw this away and buy a new one? If like this, I will be wasting $599, or should I send it for repair, which will make the total cost for the camera to be $799?

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    Your 2 years old consumer camera is probably worth $200++ now. So I would suggest you buy a new camera, its faster, better, sharper, cleaner, brighter, etc.

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    Repair it if you think it is useful to you ...
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    Ok,I think I should get a new one. Thanks for the advise.


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