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    Hi all,

    I've shot in RAW and want to convert the pictures to JPEG so that I can burn them to a DVD for my father-in-law.
    If he wants to print up to 5R size, is there a image size that I must convert to?

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    5R - aspect ratio 7:5, 1500 x 2100px
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino123 View Post
    5R - aspect ratio 7:5, 1500 x 2100px

    Thank you!

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    interesting! I learned something new today. Thanks, too (although I had not thought about asking this question )

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    formula is simple, the print paper size x 300ppi

    eg, 5R is 5" x7 ", 5*300= 1500 pixel, 7*300= 2100 pixel,

    8R is 8"x10", 8*300= 2400 pixel, 10*300=3000 pixel,

    you can have higher resolution than 300ppi, but won't give you better print quality, and you need to keep to same aspect ratio as your print paper size, in order not to crop off or have unwanted white borders at both sides.
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    Thanks for the additional info catchlights!

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    Valuable info, shifu catchlights. Thank you!


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