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    Default macro questions

    some lenses have a rating of macro 1:1. No zoom lense life size
    while other lenses offer like 28-300 with macro 1:3.
    what does 1:3 mean? That the object will be magnified by 3 times the life size?

    If thats the case, interestingly the 1:1 dedicated macro lense tends to be more expensive then the telephoto with macro capabilities why is that?

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    1:3 is 1/3 life size, not 3 times.

    Dedicated 1:1 macros are expensive as, its hard to get lenses to give u that accurate 1:1 ratio...

    a tele macro zoom like 75-300 Sigma, APO Super macro II, will give u 1/2 life size which is less magnification then a dedicated macro.

    macro lenses tend to have very very good optics as they need to pick out detail.


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