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Thread: Stereoscopy: 3D photos

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    Default Stereoscopy: 3D photos

    I'm not sure if I got it right, but it seems that using 2 frames of the same object, taken at slightly different point, it is possible to obtain the feel of a 3-dimensional image.

    Has anybody here experienced with this kind of photography?

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    Was working on stereography for a project last time, actually there's an optimal distance between the different point of view. If I remember correctly, it correspond to the average distance between the axis of the human eyes. It's the same principle to why the human sight has depth preception.

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    It is best done on the same plane, so if you've got two similiar cameras at the same settings, u need to place them side by side to get it.

    I once saw a steroscope of a room and the photographer caught dust particles in the afternoon light, and damn was it real due to the optical illusion.

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    does it require special equipment? I've seen stereocameras with two lens, side by side. But I guess, with tripod and a rail to move the camera slightly, one can make do.

    Then, once I get my two transparencies of the same object, how can I look at them to get the 3D effect? Is there something like a slide viewer, where I can have the 2 slides, one per eye?

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    Here's a method described by Roy Goh:
    but the picture links are gone.

    There's also a gadget that helps you take and view 3D pics:

    And finally, there's a point and shoot (film) version also:
    Kinokunya selling it for abt $180 with the viewer(can't recall), but i'm not sure it is the exact set.
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    very helpful, thanks!

    yes, this is what I was looking for. Especially the possibility to use pairs of mounted slides to have the 3D effect.

    It sounds very exciting. One more reason for me to try slide film, eventually.


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