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Thread: Very unphotogenic guy needs help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shizuma
    you have ok facial structure. however you look tense.

    you need less stress or have to relax more for photos. yawn before shooting, this will relax your jaw muscles bit.

    your smile must reach your eyes when your mouth moves. think of very happy thing. if no happy memories imagine signing up a large number of happy and successful trader clients.

    you might or might not like makeup. don't really need that either for healthy glow. just do twenty jumping jacks to eat blood flowing before taking photos. blood rush to face will looks healthy and athletic.

    lastly if you are heavy coffee user, cut down.

    -your ex colleague in industry
    Yes yes. Excessive caffeine is very bad for the skin.
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    Default Re: Very unphotogenic guy needs help!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sion View Post
    I'm photogenic but no gal wants to come near me.

    No picture, no talk
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    Default Re: Very unphotogenic guy needs help!

    I avoid coffee and cigs. I also rarely drink. (My head spins after 1 cup of vodka ribena LOL)

    I think I just have an irrational fear of the camera.

    When I was doing my THEATER final performance was good, and I got praised by my teacher and fellow students enjoyed it. Because I know theres no camera in front of me. I'm not afraid of performing in front of people.

    But when I was doing SCREEN acting course in another school (Before my Theater course), I froze when I know I had to had a camera zoom into my face during my monologue. I didnt do very well, was very conscious of how I looked, and indeed I looked weird. I looked puffy and fat for some reason on television. And my skin colour didn't look like how it's supposed to be.

    However, another monologue performance done WITHOUT camera drew praise from the teacher and casting agent of the school. She even asked "Have you taken acting course before?" and that was actually my first time taking class.

    I really don't know where this irrational fear came from.

    I thought my pics as a kid look good/alright. I think it's when I entered secondary school where I was fat and got bullied cuz of how nerdy I looked when I was in secondary school (Thick Specs + Never Comb Hair + Fat). I managed to lose weight when I went to JC but have always became conscious from then on.

    I remember my year book pic for JC 1, where I was standing beside my good friend and just let out a happy smile/laugh during the pic. It looked so bad, everyone in my class just started laughing. It doesn't help that almost all my current friends are big fans of cameras. They love taking cameras and snipe people at the most unglam moment and tag me on facebook, like
    1) Me with chilli sauce all over my mouth during a BBQ/Steamboat
    2) During KTV belting out a high note and you know how your face bunches up when you try to hit a high note, there's ALWAYS someone who will suddenly walk over with a camera and snap directly at my face.

    These are just some examples.

    My friend's aren't mean or anything don't get me wrong. They just love their cameras and sniping people at the wrong time.

    I actually skipped CNY this year because I was so tired of getting sniped and tagged on facebook with me putting a pineapple tart inside my mouth. Or someone suddenly calling out my name and I'd turn to that person and..."SNAP" and I'd look all blurry and weird. And...I get tagged on Facebook.

    Also, may I know how to show more "Strength" behind the eyes? I'm naturally quite an expressive person but whenever in pictures, theres no "Strength" behind the eyes. Like when you watch ANTM, Tyra would always critic the models without "Strength" behind the eyes. (Sidenote, Australia's Next Top Model is a gazillion times better than ANTM, watch it if you haven't)

    By the way, I have read the link on 11 steps to be photogenic and that was tremendously helpful.
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    Default Re: Very unphotogenic guy needs help!

    I thought this thread was a joke but it turns out that the details are very useful for alot of people out there.

    It seems that some people do look very different on photos, yet some seem to be the same.

    I have some theories...

    1. People like to use the widest angle on their compact cameras, since compact cameras are getting wider by the day people are getting inceasingly distorted.
    2. Some camera flashes penetrate the human skin but some don't, resulting in different type of reactions and appearance on the taken image.
    3. Some cameras are prone to having problem with certain skintone types. That's why we complain of some brands or films giving bad skintone in certain ethnicities.
    4. Amateur images are seldom taken at the right elavation or perspective, so resulting in people not looking like how our human eyes see it.

    Anyway one method which always works... lol, make sure you appear small in the image. I always avoid close up shots of women during weddings, and once a female tells me that she is conscious about her complexion, I take a step backwards and let the lens & AA filter do the work.

    Personally I look very tired when my pictures are taken, however so long as I put in a little effort to smile slightly & open my eyes, things improve drastically. Don't stress yourself to open your eyes or smile, just do it awhile before the pg snaps.
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    Default Re: Very unphotogenic guy needs help!

    Haha no It's not a joke at all. I really am terrified of the camera and very very conscious due to my past experience.

    I have also linked my most recent pic on gallery. Would be helpful if someone can help me link because Im still unable to post links.
    Under Galleries -> Unpretty.

    Yes another wedding pic (Ouch at my wallet so many weddings to attend)
    Maybe a mod would be kind enough to put the 4 pics together on my first post for easy comparison.

    You should be able to see the tense constipated face again as usual.

    Also yeah remember to give me tips on how to "Show Strength" behind the eyes without looking deranged. I really envy people who look the same, or even better in pictures than in person. Really I would kill to have some photo AND tele genes so that I can kick start my Theater career before I grow too old and only get assigned Grandpa roles.

    Shizuma ->Waves. Nice to see a fellow stockbroker. I can't wait to get out of this industry to pursue my dream.
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    TS, I think you need counselling. To get over your past and also to move on with your life.

    You cannot let go of some things and it's hindering you from living your life in a fulfilling and quality manner.

    If you need a contact, pls PM me.

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    Default Re: Very unphotogenic guy needs help!

    not to take the mick but you could use a tripod mounted camera and practice recording on your own.

    I used to be a staff broker, very stress. 5 cups coffee a day and stare at all my computer screens. end up always zombie look

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    Default Re: Very unphotogenic guy needs help!

    Bonrya -> Haha don't worry. I'm fine now. I was just describing how my fear of getting photographed came about. It's like how some people have fear of Heights, or Spiders. I think they have official names for Arachnophobia = Fear Of Spiders.

    They should create one for Fear of getting photographed and name it after me. Haha!!
    Anyway my friend is an awesome photographer and I believe in him. I also believe in myself that I'll produce a good pic! =)

    Shizuma -> I'm kinda like staff broker also. I don't get my own clients but handle the house clients. And it's reeeeally hectic.
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    I have not read all the post on this thread yet but I just want to jump in and give my 2-cent comment.

    I do feel that photograph does not truly depict the true real life of that person. I do not have any technical explanation but that is how I see it when comparing with what I saw in print or screen and the real person.

    There are a few possibilities:
    1) photo is still and that split second and angle may not be the usual self others look at you. So how you pose and experience do count.
    2) photo is showing a lot in details. In real life, you focus on the overall more that a particular section or part.
    3) lighting is 'static' in photo, whilst in real life, it is ever changing. So you get to see the person in total and under different light condition.
    4) broad face people tends to show more full in photo whilst sharp face looks skinny unless close-up.

    Above are just my personal observations. A good photographer shoot be able to do a good glamour shot for even the 'non photogenic' person by selecting and making adjustments. Of course photoshop if necessary.

    So, try not to worry on how you will look and be natural. People see you live more than on photo.

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    Default Re: Very unphotogenic guy needs help!

    Bukit Timah. Thanks for your input.
    Yeah my face is quite broad and long(Horse Face Haha) so it does look fuller.

    I'm not sure if you all agree...that some mirrors, we look slightly different because of how the light shines on us. Or just how the mirror is shaped?
    Like I always prefer how I look in the mirror in the bathroom where theres full lighting (White light shining directly on top of where I stand in front of the mirror)

    I think the worst are those in the bathroom with yellowish lightings in the bathroom.

    I can also remember my days as a fashion assistant stylist, and the photog will always say "Face the light, the light is your best friend" to the model.

    Hopefully someone can help me link my latest pic (as I still cannot). The rest of my pics are 1-3 yrs ago (The one in white shirt was 3 years back). The one I just put up is just a few months back so its the most accurate version of what I look like now.

    My appointment for the shoot with my friend is next month so I have time to trim down abit and practice in front of the mirror. I will keep all the advise in mind.

    A BIG thank you to everyone. Come see me on stage when I do a musical/play!! =)
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    Default Re: Very unphotogenic guy needs help!

    looking hunky and photogenic is not a pre-requisite to an acting career

    look at Mark Lee , Danny Divito, Chandler Bing, John Candy, Bill Murray , Cosmo Kramer (Jerry in Sienfeld), Steve Buscemi ..... even Woody Allen .......
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    There is an over-emphasis of look over skills in our local channel. Of the rare occasion that I caught a bit the local serials, it reaffirm me not to waste anytime with it. There are a few whom really CMI.

    Acting in theater has no chance of NG. Many hollywood stars has went to act broadway shows. Al Pacino in particular likes going back to stage acting as this challenge him as an actor.

    Looking buff does not help if you still flash that scary look. Unless someone is looking for an actor for terminator X?
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    Default Re: Very unphotogenic guy needs help!

    maybe this agency can help you.

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