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Thread: turkey trip

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    See below

    Newbie in DSLR and appreciate advice from experts in the forum.

    Will be going for a Turkey 10 days package tour in Dec 2012. Consider the winter attire in my luggage, and how inconvenient to quick change lens in winter wear, I am trying to minimize my photo gear.

    Must bring:
    1. Nikon D3200 DSLR
    2. SB-400 You don't need a flash, unless you really good in fill flash, which I still fill it is too much for a package tour
    3. Sigma 18-250
    4. Sigma - 10-20mm F4
    5. Canon S100
    6. Olympus TG-1 (for raining weather) Don't need, S100 is good enough

    Consider to bring:
    1. Sigma 50mm F1.4
    2. Rokinon 8mm
    3. Canon IXUS 510 (for pocketable camera with long zoom). Don't need this, S100 good enough
    4. Fiber carbon Monopod? or GorillaPod Hybrid? If you already have a Carbon fiber tripod then bring it, I personally find that Gorillapod a bit limited

    Any kind advice is appreciated as I am carrying a Lowepro AW102 bag, which can put limited gears.

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    Hi Shen siung,

    I visited Turkey around this period last yr. A wonderful place.
    Since u r joining tour group, i would suggest that the "Must bring" items will be sufficient cos u will not have the luxury time to switch different lenses or setup tripod.
    SB400 will be useful with the remote cord when taking pics at the underground tunnels.
    Try to travel light as u still have to put on winter wear.
    I have a thread showing the common places group tour usually will visit.
    Have a nice trip

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