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    "My photography is an attempt to make sense of the figments of my life. They are usually impulsed undertakings, spontaneous in nature and never really planned. Life is varied and unpredictable and that is how I like my photography to be as well a spontaneous response to what life throws at me being born a Chinese, living in Singapore, my relationships etc. Because if you listen with your eyes, you can hear life talking."

    Kang Li (b.1984) is a first-generation Singaporean Chinese, born to parents who migrated from Malaysia. His ancestral roots lie in Guangdong province, China. His photography pursuits began with a stint in Nepal, where he covered the nation's abolishment of its monarchy and the rise of the Maoists into parliamentary powers. Later, he returned to college, from where he graduated as top journalism student and class valedictorian in 2009.

    2011 Pocket Rocket Fund, National Arts Council, Singapore
    2009 International Travel Grant, National Arts Council, Singapore
    2009 Selected for Eddie Adams Workshop XXII
    2009 First Prize (General news), Third prize (Political) & Honorable Mentions (Sports, People), Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) in photojournalism
    2009 First prize, Foreign Correspondents Association (Singapore) Multimedia Award
    2009 Valedictorian, Class of 2009, Bachelor of Communication Studies (first class honours), Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    2009 Top journalism student, awarded Singapore Press Holdings Gold Medal Award

    2012 "At Our Doorsteps", as part of "Our People, Our Stories", curated by Objectifs, Jendela at Esplanade, Singapore
    2012 "At Our Doorsteps", Singapore

    our PM Lee mentioned about him sia

    he Clubsnap or not???

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    mm? sam kang li is a photographer. nice chap. why?

    i like his pocket rocket idea. he managed to get his whole block to take photos heh. fun way to get people to interact.


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