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Thread: Wedding Photography 101 Series: What gears to use? What setting to use?

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    Default Wedding Photography 101 Series: What gears to use? What setting to use?

    This thread is for discussion of what gears to use and what setting for shooting a wedding.

    We need to decide what approaches to shoot a wedding,

    Basically, there are few types of styles to document a wedding,

    - Photojournalist style (PJ), photographer will be like a bystander, document what he see in a wedding, without intruding or interrupting, letting things unfold itself naturally.

    - Traditional style, photographer will be like a director, coordinator, he/she will instruct his/her subject to pose / act / perform accordingly, and record it on the medium.

    - Mixture of both above styles.

    Both PJ and traditional style can be shoot with flash or without flash,
    altho without using flash is less intruding but does not mean PJ can't shoot with flash.

    A basic entry level DLSR kit is capable to shoot a wedding, if photographer able to understand and work within the limit of the camera.

    using a more advance camera does not guarantee any better results if photographers does not acquire basic skills in composition, lighting etc.

    The mode to use should be the mode you most comfortable and filmier with, and ensure will give you the results you wanted.

    Please post your views and comments.
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    I believe you will use the gear to where your creativity takes you. Your vision and style matters more for urself. However, the wedding day and it's limelight belongs to the couple. If your vision doesn't match with e couple, it would be better of to take a step back and not to jump right into it for the money.
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