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Thread: why are you into photography ?

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    Default why are you into photography ?

    why u take up photography as a hobby? have fun with my polling.

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    Default Re: why are you into photography ?

    Originally posted by ninelives
    why u take up photography as a hobby? have fun with my polling.
    Dun you feel a sense of great achievement taking beautiful pics.

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    Mine is quite an emotional reason.

    When I was a young child, I didn't have lots of pics taken. Perhaps it was because I never saw a point in doing so. Now I kinda regret it 'coz time has passed and I can never bring back those times again.

    That's why I want to capture pictures of my life now, my loved ones, my friends, .... as many as I can. Many years later, I can look back and still see all these beautiful memories.

    This is why I'm into photography.

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    For me, I see photography as a very special hobby, one that transcends the line between 'art' and 'science' by requiring both compositional skills and technical know-how. I enjoy my other major hobby (computer programming) for the same reason as well.

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    i took up photography to enchance my workscope. Now besides the usual skills i have extra knowhow of other stuff that i could put to use to express artistic views.

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    bought a camera so i could take pictures at family outings and travels then got more into it. so like a hobby lor.
    my flickr account

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    To learn something new.
    A different form of catharsis.
    To be able to share how and what i see things.
    To be able to better express myself and thoughts.

    To capture something. To freeze it in all of eternity.
    To preserve something that is special and have it till
    the end of time...

    Maybe this little bit of a prose would help me explain better.

    A cold morning.
    Deary, yet, with a hint of blue.
    Listen carefully.
    Hear the sigh of the wind
    as it whistles cheerlessly through the trees.

    A sunless noon.
    Yet with clouds ever so threatening,
    looming over the faceless crowd.
    Passing by all that is beautiful,
    A fallen leaf,
    A drop of rain hanging on till the and at the very end...
    A trail of ants.
    Everyday marvels and miracles.

    The clouds give.
    The sky turns blue.
    Just with a hue of red,
    as the sun, heads west due.
    Wind swept and sculpted,
    the trees and clouds dances as it has always been,
    through eternity,
    together with the siren song of the winds,
    whispering like they always had.


    "High Wired, Dream Sired"

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    Thumbs up well said..

    agree with you wolfgang..

    and for myself..i extend my horizons...
    and in the process.. find a balance...


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    film is sexy.....

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    Default Re: why are you into photography ?

    Originally posted by ninelives
    why u take up photography as a hobby? have fun with my polling.
    To have a life.
    Pentaxian for life ! My Webby
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    2 reasons:

    1. My son
    2. My daughter

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    To record the beauty of what I see! Something of a shopaholic syndrome, see something nice, must have....except that some nice things cannot be bought (eg. a pretty street scene), so I snap snap snap and keep loh...hahah.

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    but sometime wat u see is not wat u can get. u need very good skill to capture a good or ordinary scene. not to mention a model, yes she may look pretty, but if your skill is not good, she will appear ugly in the photo.

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    Default Re: why are you into photography ?

    I think there're many reasons why someone goes into photography. For me, I wanna leave memories of the places & the world I've travelled to...


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    for me, i use my equipment to capture those who own me money. then i stick at their HDB, heheheh.

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    Its just a hobby, need I say much? coz
    got some extra money to spend? and
    I want to make more friends? and
    Who does not want to earn "big money"?

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    Because my dad's good in it and I slept in the room where he stores his cameras and pictures. Sure I can come up with other reasons for loving photography so much but he is the one who got me started in my early teen years when I was the most rebellious. Photography gave us a common ground to communicate. Even now, we still talk about cameras and stuff when we sit down. But it's been awhile since we last go out shooting tho.


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