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Thread: Dust in D800 viewfinder

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    Default Dust in D800 viewfinder

    Just got my D800, found dust in eye viewfinder (not on focus prism). I thought camera is dust proof. Anyone experience this?

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    Default Re: Dust in D800 viewfinder

    There is a big opening in front of the camera where dust can enter and attach to virtually every part of the camera. Its called the lens mount.

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    Default Re: Dust in D800 viewfinder

    just send it to NSC for cleaning

    That time Michelle from NSC told me as the camera was very new so there was no service charge on cleaning my D800, she did scare me though when she say that there were fungus on the viewfinder and apologizing later as what she saw was actually dust instead... lol...

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    We life's in dusty envelopment..
    For the dust or fungus to stick on VF the round screen is very common problem.

    For the external VF round shape can be screw out and using some microfiber cloth to clean it over & use the air blower to be clean it as well.
    Even inside the VF and still got solution for clean on internal part.
    The 2 small nos of screw out & remove the VF case & clean on internal plastic cover.
    Also using the microfiber cloth for clean it over.

    The internal mirror also can be using air blower to blow the dust out.

    For the sensor you also can using Lens Pen & Strong LED touch light & blower needed.
    For carefully clean it by own.
    Just becareful of the oil base and may need take time to clean it slowly.

    Many thing you can DIY or play like a toys.

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    The dust you can see in the viewfinder is typically dust on the focusing screen. It is located below the viewfinder prism, facing the mirror.

    You can try cleaning it with a blower, or a soft brush. Do note that it is very fragile so do not touch it directly with any hard object.

    Some dust may still remain on the other side of the focusing screen, if it bothers you then you will need to send it to nsc to clean.

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    Default Re: Dust in D800 viewfinder

    I also have this problem and not quite sure if I should tackle this job. Nikon doesn't give you the camera breakdown on how to manipulate the task. I'm in the Niagara region so not too far from nikon Mississauga for them to do it. Saw a video on a Canon of the procedure done on cleaning theirs just before I found you with the same prob. Let me know if you find out the (How To Do)
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    Best is to bring it down to nsc for cleaning. I rem the focusing screen can easily get scratched.
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    Default Re: Dust in D800 viewfinder

    Quote Originally Posted by undergrd View Post
    Best is to bring it down to nsc for cleaning. I rem the focusing screen can easily get scratched.
    Yup, happened to my old D800! Sent to NSC for a change before I sold it.
    Leica ... why did I ever try getting into this heap of trouble!


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