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    Hi. I'm thinking of printing some photos as postcards and I'm a total newbie at it. Can someone recommend a good, matte paper that is affordable and readily available from the shops in Funan Centre? Can you please tell me the name of the paper, the gsm, how much it is, and where I can purchase it? Sorry for asking so much, but I feel l..o..s..t. Thanks!

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    Also, I'll be laying out some 4R size photos to be printed on a single A4 sheet. Is there anything which I should watch out for? What tips can you give to someone who's doing her own printing for the first time? I'm worried about wrong alignment, wasting of paper, etc, though I suppose the students at NUS' DMC will help me?

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    Any kind souls?

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    Try Ilford Galerie or Espon heavy weight matte paper. Ilford can be found in Ruby and espon can be found almost any computer shop even CP.

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    Thank you for the advice! I'll look for the epson paper.


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