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Thread: Right exposure, good light, enhance your light. Sunday 29 July 12noon Suntec

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    Default Right exposure, good light, enhance your light. Sunday 29 July 12noon Suntec

    Right exposure, good light, enhance your light.

    This is to explain how to get the right exposure for the light that is there,
    how to find good light and how to enhance your light with simple tips.

    It is part of my ongoing plan of outings to train prospective people to win contests like the photomarathon.
    Noon time is usually the second contest theme of the day for the canon photomarathon contest.
    So i will be staging this outing at Suntec city area.

    location to meet is center of ground level of Suntec convention hall next to the ticket counters.
    date is Sunday 29 july 2012
    Time is 12 noon till 2pm.
    Contact : Francis wong 90070503

    please don't be late as I will be walking around a few locations to let people explore the area and discuss exposure tips at each location.
    this will help people have a few shooting locations ready in case they need during the actual contest day.

    Everyone is ok to join.
    Don't need to ask for permission, or sms me or pm me.
    I am NOT organiser of Canon photomarathon.

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    I think Suntec convention hall is still under renovation?

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    I check their schedule on their website and they have exhibitions on that day so I think should be ok.

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    Thanks for coming, next Outing will be about composition.

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