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Thread: SBS partial Aircon Buses

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    I wrote to Straits Times forum also no use...

    b4 fare hike : convert aircon service to partial aircon
    after fare hike : still partial aircon w even worse buses than b4 hike. and i've yet to get a chance to sit an air-con bus to get to work in a long long while

    by logical reasoning, w a fare hike, things shld get better.

    non-a/c double deckered buses can make you go deaf too. any of you agree that the rattling windows and metal panels on the upper lvl of the bus is deafeningly loud?

    thanks to sbs, i'm quite deaf now. can sue anot?

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    To why i have complaints...u have to look at the whole big picture. Singapore is a SMALL country....of coz ppl get from point A to point B much faster...therefore...a 20mins wait is not exactly desirable whereas in a BIG country.... maybe my comparison isnt fair.....anyway...not many things in this world is fair either. LoL

    Last note...i prefer the buses of singapore's's transport...lost the flavour we had long ago. :P
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    there was an article on ST about the Comfort grp of buses which want to provide feeder bus svc to Tampines... then some official commented that they will have to check and make sure tt Comfort buses meet a certain standard first! What a joke when the current state of SBS buses are so lousy aredi. They cannot be compared to Comfort ones at all. Think the pple up there are still oblivious to the standard of SBS buses.

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    I used the comfort buses from Sommerset MRT to Trademart and they are very comfortable!

    I live in Tampines and i really hope they do allow the Comfort Buses to ply along the streets. SBS better improve their SERVICES, if they take my cue.

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